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Anonymous asked: What Buster Keaton biographies would you recommend?

Sorry I took so long to respond. I some how missed this message. The Damfinos have a great list of books and reviews on each Buster Keaton biography. http://www.busterkeaton.com/bookshelf.htm

Personally, I liked Keaton by Rudi Blesh and Buster Keaton Remembered by Elenore Keaton and Jeffrey Vance. I heard Little Iron Man was a great one but it’s really hard to find and when you do find it, it’s extremely expensive.

Unfortunately, there still isn’t a thorough and accurate biography on Buster yet.

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Anonymous asked: Is it just me, or does Buster look miserable in his wedding photos with Natalie? I know that Buster wasn't too keen on smiling in photos but you would think that he'll drop the dead pan act on his wedding day?

No, it’s not just you. Buster looks like he’d rather have a root canal in some of the wedding pictures. He did consider the “dead pan” expression to be part of his public persona so perhaps he maintained the lifeless expression for the camera knowing it would be in all the papers.  But to be fair, Buster was still healing after breaking his ankle on the set of “The Electric House”  and was probably in a lot of pain. Buster supposedly sported a gold capped cane from Tiffany & Co so that he can walk around in style. If you look closely at this photo, you can see his left ankle looks bigger than the other. It seems as though he has a bandage or the ankle is swollen. This photo was taken a week or so after Buster and Natalie got married. 


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Anonymous asked: Is it true that Buster was a womanizer before he married Natalie?

I don’t know if he was a womanizer per se. To be honest, I think people have played up his status as a womanizer. But I’m sure he wasn’t that much different than any other successful young actor in Hollywood. He was shy so he wasn’t the type to go up to a woman and just ask her out. In fact, all of his wives proposed to him. He did date Viola Dana for awhile before he married Natalie and they were considered the “it” couple.

I do know he liked to go out and party with Al St. John and Roscoe Arbuckle. He was young, had money in his pocket and met plenty of people. And women recognized Buster from Roscoe’s films, so it’s only safe to assume that some women threw themselves at him and he just accepted some of the offers. Not too different from what some people do today with celebrities or people with money.


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